Англійська мова (8-й рік навчання). Повторне видання. 8 клас, (2021). Морська Л. І.

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Dear pupils!

You are going to cover another year of learning English. I hope this experience will give you more confidence in mastering this important language. I am sure you know how necessary it is for you to be able to speak English because almost all people in the world try to learn it. So the world is going to be open for you as well if you practise all the exercises in this textbook properly.

The pages of this book will give you ideas on how to talk about your friends and describe their characters, possible modes of communication with your friends. You will have a chance to discuss healthy lifestyles, the importance of reading books. You will also try to look into the world of music, mass media and school life in our country and abroad.

You have definitely learnt a lot about your native country, but here you will find some more interesting data about Ukraine and the life of its people. There will also be a lot of information about the country where people speak English as their native language — about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the UK.

Do you enjoy learning grammar? Of course, you don’t. But I assure you — there won’t be much of it. Moreover, learning grammar will be fun for you.

So what are you waiting for?! Get! Set! Go!


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